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tv   [untitled]    January 4, 2012 9:31am-10:01am EST

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happens now threatening to ditch the eurozone unless the e.u. and i am our final more bailout cash into it collapsing economy. and egyptians had back to polling stations for the third and last round of their parliamentary election first democratic vote there since one thousand nine hundred fifty two. the developments in egypt and elsewhere in the arab world com interest sharper focus next on our t.v. as we interview professor of middle east politics dr germ stay with us. thank you jeremy for joining us here on our team and a pleasure as well as call put it when it comes to the middle east the west talks i gently sickly and acts brutally if it's true if you agree with this what should be done what can be done to prevent syria from falling into these patterns look at what's been happening in the middle east and the policies the western governments have followed since the beginning of this year they have always had the the noble
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motive we're doing this for this very very good reason but we don't have to be to be skeptical or cynical to understand that actually behind the noble motives is self-interest if we look at what happened in egypt the west backed mubarak right to the very last and then was no longer possible to back in when it was indefensible the dumping. and it's the same with the president of tunisia and then they move very very quickly on libya what was happening in libya that were. terrible many faced in the name of human rights they kind of attacked libya the same of syria you know it's kind of it's very it's a protest movement it's democratic change and reform which are very worthwhile motives to support but there is another agenda here which has to do with broader global and regional strategies what has the libyan scenario failed in syria will the western powers change their tactics i think that libya was the template for
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syria they kind of went to the u.n. they got the no fly zone resolution and that opened up libya to aerial attack and i think they thought that they could repeat this in syria but it didn't prove to be possible largely because of russia actually because russia made it plain that it would not support another no one was a no fly zone resolution in the security council so this left the government of britain france and the u.s. in particular with you know they had to work out what policy they were going to pursue now i still think they would like to intervene in syria so they realize it's not some of the nothing of libya is a different situation altogether thanks so much for the risks are much greater the dangers are much greater because individually in syria how you describe it whether you talk about a buffer zone or you talk about humility or humanitarian causal as the french foreign minister does it still adds up the same thing the invasion of another country and syria would resist that iran the get involved actively get involved hurts hearts i can afford back position i think is to support. certain activities
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inside syria which are calculated and in the downfall of the assad government and its replacement by. government will be formed presumably from the exiles from the agitating against the prison would take take over in your book the unmaking of the middle east you chronicled alone in a bloody history of western invasions in arab lands with all the efforts by the u.n. and arab league didn't go of arab league is the threat of foreign military invasion for syria is in the past right or not of course is still a possibility of course as to the possibility of the party rather do because it's so risky for intervention would be so risky however it was done would be to kind of maintain the support for what's happening inside syria on the side of the opposition and their calculation would be that sooner or later these precious if they maintained will result in the collapse of the assad government well as compare
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syria with the levy and iraq to what extent the syrian national council similar to leave his national transitional council only rocky national congress rocky national congress was almost a fiction the leader no support inside iraq whatsoever to live outside iraq for a long long time and has pumped up because they wanted to create this exiled body called the iraqi national congress so there was an iraqi voice in the propaganda war against saddam hussein the libyan situation the leaders of the libyan transitional council as you know basically were defectors from the government tripoli they jump ship when it got too hot and they took it really for me even with the benghazi and then the transitional national council form of whom we didn't know we knew someone from all the places we can't can't say the syrian national council is largely composed of what's
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a mixture of people who have their roots who are inside syria but a dominant i think by exiles abroad hungover you know he's been in paris for a long time like read one. who's based in washington and has very very close ties with the state department you know now what kind of clout what kind of hold are these people have inside syria i would say not much. you know so there are similarities between these councils and of course you know that the transitional national council on national transitional council in libya. recognize the syrian national council as a legitimate representative the syrian people it's not this simple as that so it's kind of part of the the campaign against syria of which that that that now the lead part is now the libyan government is now part and actions at various levels are currently on to go in in syria with more had so what do you think will bashar al assad remain in power as a result and we have a very very dangerous situation in syria which could have exploded into
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a very very nasty. proto breakdown inside the country and could lead a regional war. in this context let's see if this you give me a few months and see how the process works for bashar does have. a base of popular support so i don't think you can say that the party would be doomed the moment they call free elections that could do well why do you think human rights watch talks and foreign media neglect the damage done by militant groups in syria it's somewhat of a mystery to me it's a mystery and the city has made some pretty. provocative claims in with regard to syria one of them is that i think it was military people dressing up as doctors in homs hospital because any verification of that you know it's a claim made on the basis of online people. and similar claims have been made by other human rights organizations human rights watch the. u.n.
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human rights council its committee is all one way it's all about what the government is doing and making very very extreme claims the government's response to the death of two hundred fifty six children for example. four thousand five thousand of dart there is no desegregation which is what the critical reader would want you know you see these figures were they coming from doesn't even know how many people have been killed in syria so far in its report. the human rights council report said four thousand but there was no explanation of that figure where they go. a few days later lovely pillai who's the un human rights commissioner for the security council and so far for. the figure it goes around the world and i think it lodges in the popular imagination is five thousand people being killed by the syrian government but security forces by the number of whatever whereas in fact
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i don't think is any doubt at all that a large number of military of civilians have been killed by armed gangs about it but by factors so what we actually need to do is to aggregate these figures like how many people have been killed by the syrian army how many of them were innocent entirely innocent how many of them were men who picked up arms. how many civilians have been killed by armed gangs so forth and so on you need to break the whole thing down but these figures are not broken down since we are in turkey let's talk about turkey a little bit turkey definitely wants to be associated with the changes in this region to be seen as a leading play in this movement so may turkey use this moment to its advantage turkey before the policy for the last seven years of creating zero problems on the borders. and that meant kind of dealing with iran doing with syria and turkey and
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syria had a rather complicated relationship over many many years. and so these problems were resolved and they did lead to very good stable balance relationships with syria and with iran in particular and all of a sudden the policy was reversed instantly like turkey did a sharp right hand i think the turkish government seemed to think that the syrian government for the protest movement got up and running and i think the turkey gobbler calculated the only question of time before the syrian government goes and therefore i think it want to put it want to be riding the wave ok put on the crystal the way to question the wave of reform and change in the middle east and to be seen as the leader of this movement. turkey legs but the fact is that. syria's as i read. this is not libya. if anyone interferes with us like across our borders to cause an earthquake in this region so the stakes for everyone including
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turkey in this situation very very high the turkey made this decision that i think that affable go therefore we support the opposition therefore we put we support the syrian national council of space and istanbul therefore we support free syrian army do you think that was a wrong decision in doing so they have antagonized iran of antagonized iraq. because now iraq has come out quite strongly in support of syria and of course the lebanese government by his support has also been very critical of turkey so the change in foreign policy has kind of dump the problem and what they've done that is create problems now if if if our side goes ok then it's all worked out but if if if if if he doesn't if he somehow managed to ride this out. well there are those is going to be made on someone's face and they'll have to pull back from a position that you had to clear it actually is not really terrible any longer
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you've got to deal with this government here like it or not is turkey being sincere in its intentions saying it wants stability in syria instability in the region the line that so with with qatar with saudi arabia with united states with britain and france that's where it is that's what stands and so the rhetoric about humanitarian intervention a buffer zone humanitarian strip has been a kind of simple thing in discussion about syria over the last six months and took along with that but they know the dangers they do of course they know the dangers that if there was a move across the border if turkey somehow we're talking to taking the lead. it would open up a pandora's box. of problems you know and i. you know took itself with it it's no question of intervention but it seems to me it is definitely a big and difference over this issue like it's an option that somehow still there however might be carried out.
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the close up jesus has been to docu stuff birthplace to the most ambitious football club in the world. not all argee goes to the far east where the timber industry attracts the legendary siberian tigers where the ancient native community loses its way in the modern world. and where the country's mineral wealth starts its way across the ocean. well come to
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the bar screech of russia close up. wealthy british style sign some time to. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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artie's top stories the u.s. says it's warships will stick to their missions near a crucial oil lane out of the persian gulf despite warnings from iran to stay away the standoff continues to drive up oil prices and tension. their public and presidential candidate race gets underway in earnest but voters remain indecisive over just who to put forward to capitalize the addition losing mint with barack obama. and the euro's woes flare up again after christmas wall withouten is now threatening to ditch the euro zone unless the e.u. and i.m.f. follow more valid cash into its collapsing economy. and egyptians head back to
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the polling stations for the third and final round of their parliamentary election the first vote there since president mubarak was toppled in february last year. time now for the sports news here in our city. hello there welcome to the sport and these are the headlines three uneasy managed to city beat liverpool perineal to raise clay at the top of being leashed premier league. while title rivals manchester united have the chance to get level with a trip to newcastle. and basketball king's hidden key off on the weekend after a fourteen month winning streak in russia's top flight. but first russia have reached the finals of the under twenty world ice hockey championship speaking hosts canada six five and
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a real thriller in calgary the russians had been six one up after a hard truth from you can you please not itself but the hosts then stormed back with four goals and five minutes in the final period to set up a really tense finale however russia managed to hold on and defending champions will now face sweden in the final after they came from down to beat finland three two in a shootout. along to the football where manchester city have beaten liverpool three nil to go three points clear at the top of the english premier league city had lost the sunderland just forty eight hours before this game but put that disappointment behind them with goals from sergio where ya touré and james milner penalty the only blip the sending off of sitting midfielder gareth barry in the seventy minute liverpool were playing without striker luis suarez after deciding not to appeal against his eight match ban for racially abusing manchester united's patrice evra elsewhere spurs the third six points behind city after their one there when i will
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west brom and sunderland continue to impress under new manager martin o'neill with a four one victory over struggling wigan but it is city who are leading the way. if i remember. but. we were really lucky with that game and tonight that in that also if you had some problem in the second out we did a good performance a most assured school in the flights are really game where you know obviously it's a most images after one but. i think the lesson that of live from today is. the doing that for no clinical we're going to suffer i think. there's a lot of things aren't in a that really. we can correct well to not have its intake on bolton amongst united have the chance to get back on level terms with sitting they travel to
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newcastle for both sides looking to banks back after disappointing defeats at the weekend. here with all that you know the clubs like ourselves you know. the big clubs come along and you go get yourself up and ready for and we're looking forward to tomorrow night and i know it's the off the back of a disappointing result fancy they'll be more might be fired up for as we are after game be more livable so i think you'd be a good guy well players in the russian premier league is still enjoying their winter break at the moment so it is an opportunity to look back at the pick of their goals from twenty eleven with a net but we're going. to. few
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. sleepless. cut. illegal. illegal. q. q i.
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cut. out. the cold. cold. some crack is that including a couple from the band who are currently managed by former chelsea star to tresco he got been promoted to russia's top flight and earlier in the season he spoke with marty's consenting to top off. he's done you left chelsea three years before i'm on
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about the club do you feel any regret that you weren't there when salaries went sky high and the blues finally and won the league. yeah i think it was about time for me to leave the club but i didn't know at the time that average was going to come and also. in this time i was not in the good relationship with the coach who was really then i had to leave but i was sorry for sure because after two years i left chelsea won the championship you spearheaded the only team which played in the champions league so why did you decide to make a move to combine a team which has been just relegated the owner of the club and the governor to the region. especially in a mania for me three times in my house to convince me to come here i think that was fantastic season i mean the club i was working i was sure it is going in the wrong direction because they finish the money and in this moment this club will disappear
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from football and i think i did the right thing to move in the right time before they come to bonn and they had five coaches in one ear and i was little bit scared about the situation but they said they want to change something and leave even when we lost three games in the road and there was the pressure a little bit last year i know that the owner of the club said. but it's going to be the new federal sort of the bond and he'll trust me do you think that the world twenty teams can change something in this i'm sure i'm hundred percent sure after the world cup that i shall be much better not just in the national team what also in the club competition and they will learn a lot from this and it's good for the country because it will be a new stadium of snow airports new streets new hotels i think it's fantastic for russia the world cup will be here and i wish after the world cup i'll be russia because that will be the time to be here and i was about manager dan prescott speaking with artist constantine for top of the in the season let's switch to
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tennis and the council opened by defending champion roger federer has brushed aside twenty ten win in a kind of a. it's reached the second round the swiss maestro also beat the russian in last year's final missing period again this time around federer able to breeze through the gate set in a mia twenty two minutes taking it sixty seven genco was unable to regain his composure after that poor start with federer taking the first round match sixty six two in just under an hour this was saying to win the capital title for the four time distance elsewhere yes she coached poland a lot he was among those watching sixty. a lot for junior the russian getting a comeback win over felipe overland three also in round one the tally won the opening set seven five but all of them began to show the resilience which came eighteen pins motion of the year award the twenty eight year old making a swift turnaround in the second set to close out a five seven six four six to win was while rafael nadal is
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staying on track to become the first spaniard ever to win the katter open the top seeds appeared to be heading for a nice and first round victory after winning the set against. the german version however was able to take the second thing down the tempo when the two eventually grind out three set when in just over two and a half hours i and we will end with basketball where him key have suffered their thirst league defeat in fourteen months in russia's top flight but it was by the now wrist of margins top four so i could see clearly getting a sixty eight points to sixty seven victory in the big league seemed like business as usual for him first as they rode to a fifteen point lead after the first quarter to tally for his then leading the charge of getting high sixty points but the men for america kept chipping away at the deficit thanks largely to brian rush not to me again high seventy pinky led by
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four at half time but couldn't hold off a surge from the visitors the size went back and forth from the final pool to be. it was pretty yeah sixty eight sixty seven minutes. while the memphis grizzlies rediscovered their rule i really n.b.a. following a thirty point loss against chicago on sunday really gave north you twenty three points to help you so i put away the sacramento kings hat some young another thought a contributor to the home team exasperates adding twenty points off the bench that steal lie and lay out making five six to forty degrees and i can go and i think one hundred thirty nine hundred sixty final school was the kings have now lost four how did that last five after winning the series and i know. that's all we've got time for with the weather coming up.
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well. thanks sunny and technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got those huge earth covered.
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the u.s. says its warships will stick to their missions near a crucial oil lane out of the persian gulf despite warnings from the wrong to stay away the standoff continues to drive up oil prices and tensions. are probably going bros until candid race gets underway in earnest but motors remain indecisive over just trying to put forward to capitalize on disillusionment with iraq obama. plus the rise of crime and gang culture among british youngsters from troubled families who say it's their only way of escaping violence at home.

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